Södermanland / Sörmland


The county of Sörmland lies in the middle of Sweden, just south of Stockholm between Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea. The whole area offers fascinating insight into Swedish culture and history, with rock carvings, rune stones, castles and manors.

The varying scenery with a thousand lakes, deep forest teeming with elk, and rolling countryside opens up plenty of opportunities for outdoor leisure.

0verigeturism beschrijft Småland als volgt:

Many authors have tried to capture the essence of Södermanland in their writing. The most successful attempt was probably that of Selma Lagerlöf, who in The wonderful adventures of Nils Holgersson describes Södermanland as "The beautiful garden of delights".

The landscape of Södermanland varies a great deal from area to area. It is a region rich in water, with several rivers and more than one thousand lakes. The coast is enhanced by a spectacular archipelago, a paradise for adventurers.

It is the province for those who appreciate low-land nature. Södermanland's history is strongly reflected in all its numerous well-preserved historical remains, from runic stones through to modern age architecture.



Sörmland omvat de volgende gemeentes:

Wandelen in Sörmland

In Södermanland loopt het bekende wandelpad Sörmlandsleden.

Citaat uit de goed gedocumenteerde site sormlandsleden.se over het wandelpad Sörmlandsleden:

The Sörmland Trail. The Sörmland Trail starts at the Björkhagen suburban railway station in the Capital City of Sweden, runs south through the forests of the Södertörn peninsula and turns to the west at the Tyresta National Park. From here it goes west through the large forests of Hanveden and Mälarmården, later on it turns south to the vast forest of Kolmården, touches the coast and follows the coast line up to the fork close to Lida recreation centre on Södertörn. Connection trails runs to and fro Nynäshamn, Huddinge, Mölnbo, Gnesta, Läggesta (having train connection to Mariefred), Flen, Eskilstuna, Kvarsebo and Oxelösund. The trail is clearly marked applying orange rings around trees and poles and the text SÖRMLANDSLEDEN or an single letter S in black color on signs and fingerposts. All along the trail there are prepared halting places mostly arranged and intended for one night sleep in outdoor open shelters and distance delimiters carries information for visitors - in frequented areas in English. Indoor sleeping places are also available. Paths for shorter walks in areas of natural or cultural significance are also arranged, separately or as part of trail. Wells and nature springs have been put in order but it is good practice to bring some drinking water along.

Zie verder de website: Sörmlandsleden.